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About our Company

My Rhinestone Transfer is a wholesale rhinestone and rhinestud transfer company dedicated to providing stock and custom rhinestone designs with an incredible quality you're probably not accustomed to.

We own a Cams 4H-3P Rhinestone Motif machine, one of the few of its kind worldwide. This extraordinary machine let's us duplicate your logo or custom design exactly, every time, whether it is one item or five thousand.

It is so unique, it can place thirty thousand stones per hour. Plus, each design can include up to six different colors, sizes and styles of Rhinestones or Rhinestuds.

With over 20 colors to choose from, our Rhinestone transfer motifs provide stylish value for your customer.

My Rhinestone Transfers was established in 2007. We built our reputation on the exceptional quality of our work and service. Located in Gulfport, Florida, everything is done in house --- so turnaround is fast. We're ready to prove it to you today.

Give us the design and we can recreate it in Bling!