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Mixed Media Lace transfers
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Hotfix Lace™ & Hotfix Fabric™ transfers are the newest trend in the decorated apparel market. We produce the transfers in house and have the ability to create stock and custom transfers.
tick They come combined on one transfer for an easy press
tick Must use a heat press 345 degrees for 10 seconds
tick The shirt can be washed inside out, hang to dry
tick We can cut text or graphics - Keep in mind that 5 – 6 letters per line looks best
tick We can put rhinestones with your lace or just send you the cut Hotfix Lace™ or Hotfix Fabric™ for you to press or put your own stones around.
tick We also have hotfix fabric or you can send us your fabric and we can turn it into hotfix fabric and then cut the text or graphic you want.
We have a floral Hotfix Lace™ available in 14 Colors
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Amaranth Purple Anemone Maroon Azalea Pink Black
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Blue Atoll Cloud Cream Cyber Yellow Princess Blue
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Rootbeer True Red Everdant Green Vibrant Orange
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White Rose Shadow
We have a Cheetah Hotfix Lace™ available in 3 Colors
Black Pink Red
Black Pink True Red
Hotfix Fabric™ in Zebra 3 colors available
Black Pink Red
Black and White Black and Pink Black and Purple
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Hotfix Fabric™ in Cheetah 2 colors available
Black Pink
Black and Brown Black and Purple
Click here to view our Mixed Media Stock Transfers
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