Heat Press Application Instructions:

For standard 100% Cotton Shirt
Heat Press temperature at 345 degrees Fahrenheit.
Heat Press pressure at medium to heavy.
Remove the white backing from transfer.
Place the transfer face up on fabric.
Press directly onto the clear (heat-resistant) film.
Press for 8 to 10 seconds.
Let cool for1 minute then slowly peel off plastic.
Press again for 5 seconds.

House Hold Iron Instructions:

  • For standard 100% cotton shirt

  • Set your iron to a medium-high setting (wool or cotton), approximately 350 degrees. Turn the steam OFF. Place the fabric to receive the transfer on an Ironing board. Iron the fabric before applying rhinestones.

  • Insert a piece of paper between the front and back of the garment so the glue will not seep to the back side.

  • Peel the white paper backing off the plastic transfer paper. Place the transfer sticky side down on the fabric. It may be gently removed and re-positioned at this point. Inspect the stone layout before ironing.

  • Iron the transfer with firm, even pressure. Do not wiggle the iron. Heat all areas about 12 - 14 seconds depending on the size of the stones. Larger stones take more time; metal studs take less time. Ensure that all stones are heated and have pressure applied. The stones under your iron’s vent holes will not receive pressure, so re-position the iron once or twice to compensate.

  • Let the plastic cool to room temperature. Gently and slowly peel the plastic away. The stones will remain on the fabric. If any stones are lifted up, replace the plastic and re-iron the areas where the stones were lifted.

  • When the plastic is removed, briefly press the iron to the stones to reset any that may have loosened.

  • The garment can be machine-washed inside-out on a gentle, cold cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry.